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David G. Hughes

Annual Report - 1996-1997

David G. Hughes
Fort Worth, Texas

Lung cancer, 1995

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy

Graduated from North Texas State University in 1954, long-time high school football coach, married 43 years, one daughter, one granddaughter, current sporting goods company salesman

Football, golf, traveling

"After I got sick before Christmas 1995, the tests showed I had a large tumor in my lung. My wife Doris picked up the phone and called M. D. Anderson in Houston. Once the diagnosis was confirmed as lung cancer, I signed up for a protocol that involv ed 10 chemotherapy sessions. Then I went to see the radiation doctor. She immediately arranged for me to get the radiation treatments at M. D. Anderson-Moncrief Cancer Center in Fort Worth. I hadn't been back in my house 10 minutes when some nice perso n at Moncrief was calling to schedule the first radiation treatment (coordinated by Dr. Rafael Chan, pictured). It was so much easier to have those treatments five days a week over six weeks right close to where we live."

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