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Catherine Powell

Annual Report - 1996-1997

Catherine Powell
Austin, Texas

Lung cancer, 1996

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy

Married 37 years, four sons, one daughter, 11 grandchildren

Active in two Catholic churches, avid reader, enjoys traveling

"My daughter-in-law called and made an appointment for me at M. D. Anderson right after I was diagnosed with cancer. I qualified for a special study to take an anti-nausea drug as part of my first chemotherapy last February, and the doctors and nurs es said it really helped minimize the side effects. In truth, chemo was a worse ordeal than I expected-I took five courses before having radiation-but I'm feeling better and stronger all the time. My faith has helped me be at peace because I know everyt hing is in God's hands. I'm very grateful for how kind everyone is at M. D. Anderson. They all call me by name and seem so concerned about how I'm doing."

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