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Carol Letchworth

Annual Report - 1996-1997

Carol Letchworth
Lake Mary, Florida

Acute myelogenous leukemia, 1988

Chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant with marrow donated by daughter

Married, two grown children, works part-time in husband's pharmacy

Counsels newly diagnosed leukemia patients, volunteer work with AIDS patients and families, active in a women's investment club

"I was stunned to learn I had leukemia. My doctor (in Florida) advised me to go to M. D. Anderson, which I did immediately. I started a clinical protocol involving seven rounds of chemotherapy and achieved a remission. When I relapsed in 1990, I h ad high-dose chemo and a bone marrow transplant. I spent 45 days in the protected environment. One of the turning points in my long, slow recovery was a visit from a lovely young woman who'd been through the same experiences as I had. Listening to her story was a real inspiration. In April 1993, I developed some complications, but this time I was able to be treated at the Orlando Cancer Center, which M. D. Anderson had opened (through a partnership with the Orlando Regional Healthcare System). My doc tors in Houston were in constant touch with the doctors here, so I received the same high quality of chemotherapy and radiation therapy without leaving home. It was great to sleep in my own bed at night and be with my family. Today, I feel wonderful and enjoy life with my family and friends to the fullest."

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