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Board of Visitors

Annual Report - 1996-1997

Letter from Red McCombs
The University Cancer Foundation Board of Visitors

Another momentous year has been concluded by The University of Texas
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Among the milestones were opening a magnificent new outpatient building, meeting the funding needs of multiple innovative research programs, adapting to continuing challenges in an ever-changing health care environment and saying thanks and God bless to Mickey and Joyce LeMaistre and welcome to John and Anne Mendelsohn.

Because of prudent and expeditious planning by staff and volunteers,
M. D. Anderson has become better positioned to capitalize on opportunities offered by the growth of managed care and other external forces in the the health care industry.

During the1995-96 fiscal year with Ben Love's leadership, we wrapped up the successful Fulfill The Promise campaign. Completing this ambitious drive two and one-half years ahead of schedule demonstrates the high regard with which
M. D. Anderson's work a nd its dedicated faculty and staff are held. All members who are privileged to serve on The University Cancer Foundation Board of Visitors make an enormous difference in ensuring that this wonderful institution remains a world leader in the conquest of cancer.

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