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Betty Mitchell

Annual Report - 1996-1997

Betty Mitchell

Lung cancer, 1992

Surgery, chemoprevention

Native Houstonian, attended University of Houston two years, former owner of advertising agency and radio station, started homebuilding company in 1973

Traveling, musicals, restoring old homes

"My lung cancer was very small and found quite by accident while I was undergoing tests and x-rays in connection with a gall bladder problem. After having the cancer removed, I went to M. D. Anderson for a consultation and learned about a new chemoprevention study. I was the first to enroll in this clinical trial involving about 1,000 people. The goal is to prevent cancer from recurring by taking a synthetic vitamin A compound. Since it's a randomized study, I don't know if I got the drug or a placebo, but it was worth taking those three tiny pills every day for three years. I figure this approach might benefit me personally and certainly will help the doctors learn how to apply this chemoprevention concept to others in the future. I return to M. D. Anderson every six months for tests. Overall, I feel wonderful and hope to keep enjoying life for many years."

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