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Patient and Caregiver Stories

Choosing the right partner for cancer care makes a difference.

At MD Anderson, we provide our patients with the best possible results in the most caring environment. And we’ll do the same for you. It’s been our mission for 70 years as we strive toward Making Cancer History®.

But don’t just hear it from us. The best illustration lies in the stories of our remarkable patients. You may have seen these cancer survivors on television or in print ads, as part of our Making Cancer History campaign. Here’s how they and their families coped with cancer, and how today they’re cancer survivors.

Bone Cancer

Kurt WeissKurt Weiss
Read Kurt's story


Tracey FerrinTracey Ferrin
Read Tracey's story


Brain Cancer

Gail GoodwinGail Goodwin
Read Gail's story



Breast Cancer

Mary Issa ZwaldMary Issa Zwald
Read Mary's story



Laurine SchulerLaurine Schuler
Read Laurine's story



Cervical Cancer

Jackie Golson
Read Jackie's story



Marisa RamirezMarisa Ramirez
Read Marisa's story



Colon Cancer

Sheila Lau
Read Sheila's story



James WileyJames Wiley
Read James' story



Ewing's Sarcoma

Jacob RalstonJacob Ralston
Read Jacob's story



Germ Cell Tumor

Dave MasseyDave Massey
Read Dave's story



Kidney Cancer

Hugo Robledo
Kidney Cancer
Read Hugo's story




Richard Johnson
Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
Read Richard's story


Denzel Persad
Pediatric Leukemia
Read Denzel's story


Linda Hall
Read Linda's story



Eddie Saddler
Read Eddie's story



Lung Cancer

Fe Crawford
Read Fe's story



James Williams
Read James' story




Bill Crews
Read Bill's story



DeWayne Hickman
Read DeWayne's story




Debra GlobeDebra Globe
Read Debra's story




Sandy Pierce
Read Sandy's story



Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Jerry ReidyJerry Reidy
Read Jerry's story



Neuroendocrine Tumor

Dale & Maria SittigDale Sittig
Read Dale's story




Reggie BibbsReggie Bibbs
Read Reggie's story


Oral Cancer

Peter FinePeter Fine
Read Peter's story




Ovarian Cancer

Kyndall TruettKyndall Truett
Read Kyndall's story



Rebecca EsparzaRebecca Esparza
Read Rebecca's story



Prostate Cancer

Joe LandryJoe Landry
Read Joe's story



Peter TaaffePeter Taaffe
Read Peter's story



George StrakeGeorge Strake
Read George's story



Ronnie M. Ayers
Read Ronnie's story



Thyroid Cancer

Joel DriverJoel Driver
Read Joel's story



Uterine Cancer

Katherine Hale
Read Katherine's story

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Road to Wellness

Road to Wellness

MD Anderson is offering Road to Wellness, a 6-8 week program of videos that promotes health, well-being and independence for cancer survivors. 

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Clinical trials are research studies that test new cancer drugs, diagnostic procedures and therapies on humans.

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