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PIKNIC: Partners in Knowledge News in Cancer

PIKNIC is an informal educational forum for MD Anderson patients, caregivers, faculty and staff who want to learn more about issues relevant to cancer. Sessions are led by experts from MD Anderson or the Houston community, whose topics range from meditation techniques to cancer treatment news and everything in between. 

PIKNIC is held in the Integrative Medicine Center, Mays Clinic, ACB2.1041, from 12:30-1:30 p.m. on the second, third and fourth Tuesdays of the month, unless indicated differently on the schedule. Please review the July/August schedule for multiple location changes.

A free lunch is provided for the first 15 patients and family members.

Video:  CancerCare Survivorship Series Part 1 PIKNIC: Changing roles and responsibilities for Caregivers 

CancerCare Survivorship Series Part 2 PIKNIC:  Managing the Stress of Survivorship

CancerCare Survivorship Series Part 3 PIKNIC: Trouble sleeping? Sleep better to feel better -Tips you can use

CancerCare Survivorship Series Part 4 PIKNIC: The importance of nutrition and physical activity

Upcoming PIKNIC Schedules and topics:

September/October 2014 Calendar

  • September 9 - Signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer
  • September 16- Fertility,family building and cancer: What you need to know 
  • September 23  - Let's chat about lab values* 
  • October 14-Heart to heart: Make your wishes known : Advance directives
  • October 21 - Look and feel your best during and after treatment
  • October 28 - Screening and mammography: Facts and fiction


Please review the schedule for location information. We will meet in multiple locations in September and October..

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