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Ask the Cancer Expert

A cancer diagnosis always comes with questions. How is it treated? What can I expect? Questions like these are best answered by physicians and other health care professionals who deal with cancer every day. Anderson Network's Ask the Expert message board allows patients and caregivers to get accurate, credible answers from MD Anderson cancer experts for issues that may arise during or after treatment.

Ask the Expert will focus on different cancer-related topics. Questions submitted by you will be answered by MD Anderson faculty and staff members chosen to address topics in their fields of expertise.

Please note that the message board will be active only during the posted dates for each topic. However, previous topics will be archived so that you may access the information. If you have questions regarding the board or topic, e-mail Please read the message board standards below, then click the "I Accept" button to submit your question.


Next Session : January 26-30


Living the anticancer life 
(click here for video)

Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D

Professor and Director

Integrative Medicine Program
Department of General Oncology


Please view the video and submit questions via ASK the expert forum.



MD Anderson Cancer Center is not responsible for the content of any messages posted to this board. Remember that the Ask the Expert message board provides a place to discuss cancer-related issues and concerns. The information provided through this service is for educational purposes only. Participants agree and understand that they are not entering into a physician/patient relationship with any MD Anderson physicians by use of this message board. This service is not a substitute for medical advice, and nothing contained in this message board is intended to constitute professional advice for medical diagnosis or treatment. Advice or information received via this message board should not be relied upon for medical, legal or financial decisions. You should consult with an appropriate professional to obtain specific advice regarding your situation.

MD Anderson is committed to patient confidentiality and privacy. Information collected by the message board will not be distributed to any third party or used without permission. Keep in mind that this type of communication vehicle does allow a community of cancer survivor discussion participants to see your name, e-mail address and all messages posted to this board.

With consideration to other message board users, please respect each other by refraining from the use of slander, profanity, abusive or threatening comments.

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Many people find it helpful to share ideas with one another via message boards. However, because each person’s situation is specific to them, please consult your medical professional for any specific concerns or needs.

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