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Patient Resources

We realize that there's more to your cancer treatment than just radiation. The Radiation Treatment Center has social workers to help with financial and emotional concerns. We also offer nutritional guidance, support groups, and educational programs.

The Learning Center: A patient and family library with the latest information about health, cancer and cancer prevention. The staff provides skilled, personalized service to all visitors, and can help find answers to your medical questions. On-site use of The Learning Center materials is free.

Integrative Medicine Center: A wide range of complementary therapies are available to our patients to help manage cancer treatment symptoms, relieve stress and enhance quality of life

During your appointments, your Radiation Therapy Center team will thoroughly explain your treatment. But there may still be a lot of words associated with proton therapy and cancer treatment that you may not know. Use our handy glossary of cancer terms to help better understand the terminology associated with your treatment.

Dealing with Cancer Treatment: read more about possible side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. 

Anderson Network: A unique cancer support group of more than 1,800 current and former patients who know just what you're going through, and can offer the right patient-to-patient advice and encouragement when you need it most. Our members are living proof that no matter what your diagnosis and treatment, there is always hope and the chance to live each day fully.

Patient Power with Andrew Schorr: A podcast series from the patient's point of view that features our medical experts, patients and survivors.

Social Work: People affected by the diagnosis and treatment of cancer often find this to be a trying time. The Department of Social Work has licensed clinical social workers to help patients, their families, and friends cope with their cancer, and to assist them in dealing with psychological or social barriers to their treatment.

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