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Physician Consultation

Physicians Richard Lee, M.D. and Gabriel Lopez, M.D. will provide guidance on a comprehensive and integrative approach to your cancer care covering a variety of areas including the risks and benefits of using herbs and supplements, acupuncture, oncology massage, meditation, and other non-conventional therapies. 

Most insurance plans will cover the cost of your consultation and your primary clinic’s business center can explore this further with you.

Our integrative oncology physicians meet regularly with a team of professionals who have experience in conventional approaches as well as integrative treatments. This experience ranges from researching reliable information sources related to integrative therapies to providing expertise in non-conventional substances, including nutritional substances, vitamins and herbs and the interactions these substances may have with each other and with conventional medications. 

Social, mind-spirit and physical aspects of health are all explored during your visit at the Integrative Medicine Center.


To schedule consultation, ask your MD Anderson physician or nurse to submit an internal consultation request. 

For more information: 

You may also visit our Integrative Medicine Program website to obtain recent information on research and topics related to integrative medicine.

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The Integrative Medicine Center and its services are available to all current MD Anderson patients.

To request an appointment:

  • Call 713-794-4700
  • Online
  • Ask your MD Anderson physician or nurse to submit an internal request

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Inside Integrative Medicine is a free monthly newsletter with the latest news on complementary therapies, research and a monthly activities calendar for the Integrative Medicine Center.

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