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Health Psychology

Health Psychology may be beneficial to patients experiencing psychosocial distress or who wish to work on lifestyle changes. A licensed clinical psychologist will provide both evaluation and interventions to address symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression as well as collaborate with other Integrative Medicine Center practitioners in the area of lifestyle behavior change (e.g., weight loss).  

There are many different types of interventions, including cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing, and other mind-body practices.  

After receiving an assessment, the patient and psychologist will determine the treatment plan together.  

Health Psychology may help:

  • Promote physical and emotional wellness
  • Improve quality of life
  • Cope with the changes in your life
  • Assist in adjusting to a cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Manage stress, anxiety and depression
  • Increase relaxation
  • Cope with grief and loss


Services are by appointment and limited to MD Anderson patients.

    MD Anderson inpatients can receive Mind-Body services in their hospital room. 
    Please ask the attending physician to send a consultation request online.    

    MD Anderson outpatients must obtain a physician's order before scheduling 
    Mind-Body services. Please ask your MD Anderson oncologist or nurse to send 
    a consultation request online.

Some insurance plans will cover the cost of your consultation – your primary clinic’s business center can explore this further with you. 

If you choose to seek reimbursement after your visit, please ask us for a center visit record.

For more information:

You may also visit our Integrative Medicine Program website to obtain recent information on research and topics related to integrative medicine.

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The Integrative Medicine Center and its services are available to all current MD Anderson patients.

To request an appointment:

  • Call 713-794-4700
  • Online
  • Ask your MD Anderson physician or nurse to submit an internal request

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