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Puppet Shows

How do I request a puppet show to educate kids about the dangers of tobacco?

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To request a “Too Cool to Smoke” puppet show for your school, community or church group in Houston and surroundingPuppet Show areas, complete the Request Form, or contact Community Relations and Education at 713-792-3363 or Puppet shows must be requested at least four weeks in advance. Puppet shows can be scheduled on weekdays, evenings or weekends for kids in kindergarten through fourth grade.

Puppet show dates are limited due to overwhelming demand for the program. Please indicate at least one alternate date and time so that we may accommodate your request.

About the show

Too Cool to Smoke: with The Kids on the Block educates youth in the Houston area about the dangers of using tobacco. The puppet show places two lead characters, 14-year-olds Joanne Spinoza and Eric Van Aart, in the food court at a local mall. When Joanne is bothered by cigarette smoke from a nearby smoker, it starts a discussion with her friend Eric about the negative effects of tobacco.

Each performance includes a question-and- answer period during which members of the audience can ask questions directly to the puppet characters, who address some common myths and misunderstandings about tobacco use.

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