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Details on Becoming a Puppeteer

Who should I contact to become a puppeteer?
Call 713-792-3363 or e-mail 

Is any prior experience necessary to become a puppeteer?
No prior experience is necessary.

Who can become a puppeteer?
Anyone can become a puppeteer. All interested people must complete an application. A background check will be performed as part of the application process.

What are some of the duties and responsibilities of being a puppeteer?
Puppeteers must attend training workshops, have the ability to memorize a five to seven minute script, perform at schools and community sites as scheduled, and work well on a team. But the most important requirement is to be enthusiastic and have fun!

Do puppeteers receive compensation?
Yes, puppeteers receive $50 per show. Puppeteers must complete and return a Performance Documentation Form within 24 hours of the show to receive compensation.

Will the puppeteers receive transportation to puppet show destinations?
No. Each puppeteer is responsible for his or her transportation to and from the puppet show site.

When should puppeteers arrive at the assigned performance destination?
Scheduled puppeteers should arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled performance time.

Do the puppeteers set up before the show and take down after the show?
Yes, it is the responsibility of the puppeteer to help set up and take down equipment at performances.

How many puppeteers participate in each performance?
Two puppeteers are scheduled for each performance, along with one back-up puppeteer.

If I am selected to become a puppeteer, how will I be contacted?
You will be contacted via telephone or via e-mail – whichever you prefer.

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