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How can I get MD Anderson brochures?

MD Anderson develops print and digital brochures on cancer prevention, screening and risk-reduction topics. To request brochures for your organization, complete the online request form or call 713-792-3363.

Brochure requests usually require two weeks notice. Available brochures are listed below by topic. Quantities are limited to 50 per brochure.

Cancer Prevention and Survivorship

7 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer/5 Ways to Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Colorectal Cancer: Get screened! (digital only)
        English (African American) | Chinese | Spanish | Vietnamese

Information and Resources for Cancer Survivors (digital only)

In the Spirit of Health: Boost your spirits this winter (digital only)

In the Spirit of Health: Men: Health tips by age (digital only)

In the Spirit of Health: Sleep does the body good (digital only)

Join a Prevention Study!/Do you smoke? Want to quit?

Just the Facts: Colorectal Cancer

Just the Facts: Gynecologic Cancers

Just the Facts: HPV and Cervical Cancer

Just the Facts: Prostate Cancer

Simple Steps to Reduce Your Cancer Risks (digital only)

Diet and Nutrition

Blueberry watermelon freeze

Eat more vegetables and fruits         
        EnglishSpanish | Vietnamese

Healthy Baking Substitutes (digital only)

Healthy Bites: Avoid alcohol (digital only)

Healthy Bites: Avoid processed meat (digital only)

Healthy Bites: Choose a balanced snack (digital only)

Healthy Bites: Eat breakfast daily (digital only)

Healthy Bites: Eat less salt (digital only)

Healthy Bites: Eat more vegetables and fruits (digital only)

Healthy Bites: Eat more whole grains (digital only)

Healthy Bites: Eat plant-based protein (digital only)

Healthy Bites: Limit red meat (digital only)

Healthy Cooking Substitutions         
        English | Spanish

How to Spot Real Whole Grains

In the Spirit of Health: Tips to shed pounds the healthy way (digital only)

Salmon skewers with lemon parsley pesto

Teach kids to eat healthy        
        English | Chinese | Spanish | Vietnamese

Thanksgiving Serving Size Cheat Sheet (digital only)


Get the 3 HPV vaccine shots        
        EnglishVietnamese (digital only)

Protect your daughter and son against cancer 

MD Anderson


Community Services (digital only)

Physical activity

 How to Choose the Best Cross-training Shoe For You (digital only)

Keep kids moving         
        English | Chinese | Spanish | Vietnamese

Tips to get fit

Screening exams

 Men: Screening exams by age            
        English | Spanish | Vietnamese

Women: Screening exams by age        
        English | Spanish | Vietnamese

Sun safety/Skin cancer

Just the Facts: Skin Cancer

Put sunscreen on your kids        
        English | Chinese | Spanish | Vietnamese

Tobacco/Lung cancer

Help kids stay tobacco-free        
        English | Chinese | Spanish | Vietnamese

In the Spirit of Health: Help your kids avoid trendy tobacco products (digital only)

Just the Facts: Lung Cancer

Just the Facts: Smoking and Tobacco Use

 If you need publications on cancer treatment, contact MD Anderson's Patient Education Office at 713-792-7128.

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