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Project SAFETY 2011: DVD & Teacher's Guide

The CD-ROM and the August 2011 DVD both employ the use the following elements to deliver information and engage students:

  • Animated graphics
  • Streaming video
  • Three discrete lessons
  • Optional activities
  • Extensive glossary 

The 85-page Teacher’s Guide complements the visual information , and contains: 

  • Lesson outlines and objectives
  • Expanded activities appropriate for elementary, middle or high school grade levels
  • Handouts designed for easy duplication
  • A glossary
  • Lesson content correlations with national and state standards

Correlations with Education Standards: The Teacher’s Guide correlates lesson content with the following national and state standards for health and science, with the 2011 DVD

  • National Health Education Standards
  • National Science Education Standards
  • State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAARTM)
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


Pre-and post-test results analysis conducted in 2002 demonstrated  positive attitude and behavioral changes toward sun safety.

"Project S.A.F.E.T.Y. has been a huge success for my students and me. We live in the sunbelt and are part of a culture that still admires 'sun-tanned' skin...The 'ABCD' interactive activity was very effective in showing the many 'faces' of melanoma... Most students went from, 'I never wear sunscreen' to, 'I'll never step outside without wearing sunscreen!'"

-Emma Lovering-Hintze, Science Educator, Irons Jr. High School, Lubbock, TX

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