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Memorials and Honoraria

One of the unique aspects of the Cure on the Colorado is that all sponsorships may be made as either memorial gifts or honoraria. This is a special opportunity to honor someone either during their lifetime (honoraria) or after death (memorial) with a gift that can truly make a difference in understanding the causes and prevention of cancer. A special banner will be displayed at the Cure on the Colorado with the names of those individuals who have been recognized through a memorial gift or honorarium.


  • Robert James Cronk (from Thomas Alan Cronk)
  • Shirley M. Duggan (from Chris Duggan)
  • Leone Estus (from Bob & Linda Estus)
  • Joanne Glass (from David & Sharah Johnson)
  • Dr. Roger Hewitt (from Rodney & Cathy Nairn)
  • Hope (from Bastrop Goldsmith Silversmith)
  • John R. Johnson (from David & Sharah Johnson)
  • Max Jones (from Lil Rew)
  • Sue Brown Joyce (from Grover & Sue Shade)
  • Jimmy Klutts (from Joyce Klutts; Carlos & Cindy Klutts)
  • Juanita Kurtz (from Jennifer Kurtz)
  • Jack Luizzi (from Jackie Luizzi)
  • Ray McClary (from Susan McClary)
  • Mark McClure (from Tom & Marcia McClure)
  • Ken Minto (from Melisa Portis)
  • Milton Mutschink (from Milton's Furniture)
  • Frances Ornelas (from Linda & Frank Wilson)
  • Tommy Lee Potts (from Jo Potts)
  • Elsie Roberts (from Jim & Wanda Rosborough)
  • Johnnie Robinson (from Avery & Tamala Barksdale)
  • Eleanor Schechtel (from Mary Stankovich & Ken Schechtel)
  • Edward & Joyce Vinklarek (from Craig & Suzanne Williams)
  • Cathie Wilson (from Edward Jones Investments – Reed Morgan)
  • Polly Ann Woodress (from Jim & Wanda Rosborough)
  • Betty Wulf (from Craig & Suzanne Williams)
  • Lynn Hix (from Terri Krueger)
  • Ellen Holcomb (from Joi Holcomb & Franklin Hudson)
  • Margaret Klaerner (from Bill & Diana Hector)
  • Lisa McVey (from Bonnie & Bobby McVey)
  • Joni Nanci (from Lisa Grossman)
  • Cherrie Pullium (from Friends of Science Park & Terri Krueger)
  • Lil Rew (from Nanci Lunsford)
  • Buddy Temple (from Kerry & Becky Getter)
  • Ellen Temple (from Kerry & Becky Getter)


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The Cure on the Colorado is brought to you by The Friends of Science Park, who represent many Central Texas communities and promote MD Anderson Science Park throughout the area. 

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