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We are a 2000-sq-ft facility housing the following equipment:

Automated Liquid Handlers

Beckman Coulter BioMek FX robot enclosed in sterile HEPA filtered NuAire enclosure
Beckman Coulter BioMek 3000 robot enclosed in sterile HEPA filtered NuAire enclosure
BioTek EL406 Liquid Dispenser enclosed in a sterile HEPA filtered hood
BioTek ELZ405 Liquid Dispenser/Aspirator enclosed in a sterile HEPA filtered hood
BioTek  EL406 MicroFlo reagent dispenser – for dispensing endpoint reagents

Tissue Culture Hoods

Biotek MicroFlo Liquid Dispenser


NuAire DHD autoflow CO2 Air-Jacketed incubators (4) - for cell culture work
Liconic incubators (5) - for incubation of 384 siRNA test plates

Liconic Incubator


NuAire Glacier -86oC Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (1)
Thermo Scientific Puffer Hubbard -20oC (4)
BSI 4oC Scientific Storage systems (2)
BSI -20oC Scientific Storage systems (3)


ThermoElectron Corporation IEC CL30 Centrifuge
LMS Crystal Eight Mini Centrifuge

Rotators, Vortexes ND SHAKERS

Lab-Line Instruments Titer Plate Shaker
Lab-Line Instruments Maxi Rotators (2)
Benchmark Orbi-Shaker
Scientific Industries Vortex-Gene 2

Plate Readers

PHERAstar Plate Reader (2)
FLUOstar Omega Plate Reader

Plate Sealers

Thermo Scientific ALPS 3000 Plate Sealer
4titude 4 Seal Plate Sealer

Cell counter

Beckman Coulter Vi-CELL Automated Cell Viability Analyzer
NEXCELOM Bioscience Cellometer Auto T4

Water Bath

JULABO TW20 Water Bath


Nikon Eclipse TS100

High-Content Imaging Instrument


INCELL 6000 Imager


Roche LightCycler 480

Barcode Maker

Brady IP300 Label Maker


Computer stations to operate the equipment

Laboratory Automated Workstation


Spheroid Imaging Analyzer


Liquid nitrogen storage tank
Storage space for all consumables

siRNA Core - Facility Location

The siRNA Core Facility is located on the MD Anderson Cancer Center South Campus:


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