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Getting Started

Preparing Your Samples for Submission

  1. Design your experiment based on biological question. If your data needs to be analyzed statistically, please discuss your experiment design with your bioinformatics group prior to setting up your experiment.
  2. Prepare your RPPA samples (protein lysates) from cultured cells or tissue samples based on the procedures provided on the Antibody Lists and Protocols page.
  3. Adjust the final protein concentration to approximately 1 µg/µl (no less than 0.50 µg/µl).
  4. Denature protein by 4XSDS sample buffer.
  5. A minimum 40 µl of protein lysate is required for RPPA analysis.

Current sample types accepted by the RPPA core include:

  • Cultured cells
  • Mouse xenografts
  • Frozen human tissue

At this time, we are not accepting FFPE samples. For certain exceptions on this, please contact the RPPA Core before submitting any FFPE samples for processing.

Biological replicates are encouraged.

Submitting Your Samples to the RPPA Core

Please note that the RPPA core will not process any samples until all forms have been submitted and approved.

  1. Select forms from RPPA Core webpage
  2. Fill out a Sample Submission Form and a Sample List Form
  3. Submit both forms to
  4. Wait for approval of sample submission
  5. Label sample vials clearly and exactly to match the order on the Sample List Form (Write sample order number on the top of the vial and do not put stickers or labels around the outside of the the vials)
  6. Pack samples on dry ice
  7. Submit your samples to 2SCR2.2207 (Attn: Keri Sherman)
    Ship to: MD Anderson Cancer Center (Attn: Keri Sherman)
    Dept of Systems Biology, Room 2SCR2.2207
    7435 Fannin St. Houston, TX 77054

**Please provide a hard copy of your Sample Submission Form AND Sample List Form at time of submission**

 Payment for RPPA Services

INSIDE MDACC: PeopleSoft Account Number

OUTSIDE MDACC: Our preferred method of payment is by Credit Card. You can complete the Credit Card Authorization Form and submit with your other two Submission Forms.

We can also accept a PO (Purchase Order) or Wire Transfer if paying by credit card is not possible.

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