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Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy

Transforming Cancer Care through Research

About the Institute

The MD Anderson Cancer Center Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy was created to support preclinical research and clinical trials in which a patient’s tumor biopsy is assayed for abnormal genes and gene products to select therapy with agents targeting the product of those particular abnormal genes. This integrated research and clinical trials program is aimed at implementing personalized cancer therapy and improving patient outcomes. A number of events have converged creating a “perfect storm” offering the opportunity to make a bold leap forward in personalizing cancer care. Personalized cancer therapy includes all aspects of individualized patient management driven by characterization of tumor, microenviroment and host characteristics including diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy, and immunological manipulation either alone or in concert.


The MD Anderson Cancer Center Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy will provide personalized cancer therapy for all of our patients and define the new standard of patient care by improving outcomes and reducing costs.


We will be the leader in implementing personalized cancer therapy, based on an analysis of each patient’s cancer that will integrate information across DNA, RNA, proteins and metabolomics in the context of the tumor microenvironment and the patient’s immune system.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan for the Institute is focused on the goal of defining the new standard of patient care – making personalized cancer therapy standard over the next 5 years, revolutionizing the way we manage patients. To accomplish this goal, we will: 

1) Rapidly implement the expanded molecular pathology laboratories, technology, instrumentation, and infrastructure for personalized clinical trials; 

2) Develop best practices for obtaining and managing patient biopsies and specimens to implement personalized cancer therapy; 

3) Position MD Anderson to lead the way in therapeutic clinical trials based on the underlying genomic and molecular alterations in individual patient’s cancers; 

4) Establish broad internal and external collaborations and partnerships to enhance our ability to rapidly transform discoveries into clinical practice and standard of care.



  • Organization and prioritization of common goals
  • Creating infrastructure
    • Specimen collection
    • Integrated database
    • Regulatory and contractual support
    • Molecular pathology
    • Data analysis
  • Sustaining interactions among IPCT investigators
  • Training and sustaining investigators and essential personnel
  • Secure research funding

Publications & Presentations

Executive Summary

Annual Report

Customized Cancer Medicine:  Are We Ready for What It Will Take?

For More Information

If you are a patient seeking evaluation and recommendations, you can contact our comprehensive list of MD Anderson departments and divisions.  If you need further assistance, you can contact IPCT at (713) 792-6670. 

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