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Lymphoma SPORE

The primary goal of the Lymphoma SPORE is to improve the cure rate of lymphoma through innovative therapeutic strategies based on effective and focused translation of recent discoveries in lymphoma biology, immunology, and molecular genetics. 

The SPORE is a multidisciplinary collaborative effort among basic and translational scientists, clinical investigators, hematopathologists, and biostatisticians. This effort is organized into three research projects at MD Anderson Cancer Center and one project at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The SPORE has four core resources as well as programs for developmental research and career development.

Research Projects

These research projects are designed to target specific areas important in lymphoma.

  • Project 1 – Epigenetic-based therapy of Hodgkin lymphoma (Oki/Younes)
  • Project 2 – Next generation T-cell therapy targeting CD19+ lymphoma (Champlin/Cooper)
  • Project 3 – Targeting MDM2/p53 in ALL (Andreeff/O’Brien)
  • Project 4 – Gene expression profiling and pathway targeted therapy in peripheral T-cell lymphoma - University of Nebraska Medical Center (Chan/Vose)

Core Resources and Programs

  • Core A – Administrative
  • Core B – Biospecimens
  • Core C – Clinical Research
  • Core D – Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
  • Developmental Research Program (DRP)
  • Career Development Program (CDP)

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