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DNA Methylation in Cancer

The M. D. Anderson Cancer Center resource on CpG island methylation in aging and cancer

This site was developed as a resource for scientists interested in the field of CpG island methylation as an epigenetic mechanism contributing to the processes of aging and age-dependent processes such as cancer development.

Within these pages you will find an introduction to the field, helpful resources such as current protocols in our labs and useful data. Also included is information about the researchers in our group, links to recent publications from our laboratories and additional items that may prove relevant or useful.

When navigating the Web site, please consider the following:

The site is meant as a helpful guide, not as an accurate summary of the literature. Please verify the original papers if the information is important to your research.

Editorial comments reflect our personal interpretation of the literature. If you feel we have misrepresented your work or other people's work, or if there are omissions in our tables and summaries, please let us know.

Most of the facts presented here are not referenced. A MEDLINE search should provide you with the references you need.

In general, most of the genes addressed on this site are those associated with CpG islands in their promoters. Much of the information presented may not be relevant to the many genes whose promoters are not contained in CpG islands.

An attempt will be made to keep information on this site current, but the frequency of updates may vary.

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