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Simulation Center

Effective April 01, 2014 

One class for all clinicians

With a few exceptions for clinicians seeking full BLS certification or desiring to teach BLS training, health care providers can choose the Simulation Center’s Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers – Skill Session w/ Key Code (BLS_SSKC) course to complete their needed training.

In the past, faculty and non-nursing clinical employees have had the option of selecting the Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers – eLearning for Non-Nursing (BLS_NN) course. That course is being eliminated on April 1 due to its duplication with course BLS_SSKC.

Going forward, all clinical care providers, including nursing professionals, should choose BLS_SSKC course training for a multidisciplinary training session in CPR and Automatic External Defibrillation (AED).

One click to register

Also beginning April 1, nursing professionals no longer need to register for BLS training through the Education Center. One click to the Simulation Center website will suffice; with nursing inter-departmental transfer (IDT) codes remaining in effect.

Read more about the Simulation Center’s new registration site. The first time you log in to the new site, you’ll need to create a user account even if you’ve taken courses there in the past.

Visit the Simulation Center’s main site for additional information.

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