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Landon Wootton - PhD Research

Landon Wootton

B.S., 2008, Physics, University of Texas - Austin

Project:  A Real-Time In Vivo Scintillation Dosimeter for Clinical Use

My research interests are working to characterize the dosimetric function of an endorectal balloon with an embedded plastic scintillation dosimeter for use in treating prostate patients. The endorectal balloon has been in clinical use for some time now and its used to immobilize the prostate during treatment and to reduce dose to the rectal wall.  

The addition of a scintillation detector will provide real time information about the dose being deposited during the treatment. This information can be used as an additional check to verify that treatment is being administered correctly.  

Specifically, I will characterize the balloon-detector system via measurements in phantoms for multiple modalities, testing the software developed to serve as a user interface with the detector, and performing theory driven research in the area of quenching in an attempt to extend the application of the system to use in high LET particle beams such as those found in proton therapy.
Advisor:  Sam Beddar, PhD
Career Goal:  Clinical Practice

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