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SMS Program Alumni

1976Ronald W. CowartAn Investigation of the Pinhole CameraAlfonso Zermeno
1977Mina BehmardDisplacement Correction Factor for High Energy X-raysPeter R. Almond
Richard H. StarkDesign and Use of Zero Replacement Tissue Equivalent and AirWilliam F. Gagnon
Charles Albert WissuchekSpectrum Measurement in Diagnostic X-ray: A New TechniqueAlfonso Zermeno
1979Jeffrey A. MeyerA Rational Modulation Transfer Function in Medical ImagingAlfonso Zermeno
Marcia Dahle SageThe Effect of the Characteristic Curve Shape in the Determination of the Line Spread Function and the Modulation Transfer Function of Radiographic Screen-Film SystemsArthur G. Haus
1981Kanayo E. UbesieIon Collection Efficiency Determinations for Cylindrical Ionization Chambers Irradiated with Scanned Electron BeamsWilliam F. Hanson
1982Stephen H. MahoodEvaluation of High Energy X-ray Replacement Factors for Cylindrical Ionization ChambersPeter R. Almond
Chirapha TannanontaInvestigation of Neutrons Inside and Outside of the X-ray Beam Produced by Linear AcceleratorsRobert J. Shalek
1983Connel ChuEvaluation of the Thermoluminescent Characteristics of Neutron Insensitive Lithium Borate and Lithium Fluoride on Therapeutic Heavy Charged Particle BeamsKenneth R. Hogstrom
1986Alex M. HashemiDetermination of Exposure Rate Constant for a New Design I-125 SeedMichael D. Mills
Steven M. KirsnerAdvanced Radiation Therapy Techniques for RetinoblastomaKenneth R. Hogstrom
Richard N. UmehDetermination of X-ray Beam Quality Changes of Linear Accelerator from Ionization Measurements in PhantomWilliam F. Hanson
1987Charles M. AbleEvaluation of the MDACC Total Scalp Electron Irradiation TechniqueMichael D. Mills
Min JingCalculation of Cobalt-60 Dose Distributions Using Fast Fourier TransformationArthur L. Boyer
Pei-Fong WongComparison of Electron Beam Depth-Dose and Off-Axis Profile Measured with Various Detectors in Water and PlasticWilliam F. Hanson
1989R. Cole RobinsonEnergy Response of LIF TLD-100 to High Energy Photon BeamsThomas H. Kirby
Ramaswamy SadagopanApplication of a Laplace Transform Pair Model to Deconvolve High Energy Photon Spectra From Transmission MeasurementsWilliam F. Hanson
1991Gregory S. DominiakDose in Spinal Cord Following Electron IrradiationGeorge Starkschall
Allen Dale GreenModeling of Dual Foil Scattering Systems for Clinical Electron BeamsKenneth R. Hogstrom
Scott M. JonesThe Application of FFT Based Correlation to Digital Portal ImagesArthur L. Boyer
Qamar Uz ZamanDetermination of Perturbation Correction Factor for Cylindrical Chambers in an Electron BeamWilliam F. Hanson
1992James Michael BrunoDifferentiation Between Calcium Hydroxyapatite and Calcium Oxalate Microcalcifications on a Mammogram Based on Their Imaging Properties: A Phantom StudyJose A. BenComo
Michael J. GazdaResponse of the Lacrimal Gland to Single Doses of Radiation, A Time and Dose StudyTimothy E. Schultheiss
Laurie F. HefnerSingle Field Depth Characteristics Measured Using Ferrous Sulphate Gells and MRI: A Comparison with Film and Ion Chamber MeasurementsJohn D. Hazle
1993Sergio D. BallesterTwo Models for Estimating Maximum Spinal Cord Dose for Long Irradiation TreatmentsWilliam F. Hanson
Maria N. GravesEvaluation of ICRU Interstitial Implant Doses: Central and Peripheral DoseWilliam F. Hanson
George E. MerkThe Application of ROC Analysis in Comparing Detection Ability of Portal Image Localization ErrorsArthur L. Boyer
1994Edward R. BawiecQuality Assurance of Electron BolusGeorge Starkschall
Twyla WilloughbyApplication of Neural Network in Evaluating and Optimizing Three-Dimensional Treatment PlansGeorge Starkschall
E. Joe GrantA Triple Energy Window for In Vivo Quantitative of Iodine-131 From Anger Camera ImagesDaniel J. Macey
1995Timothy WaldronCalculation of Dynamically-Wedged Isodose Distribution From Segmented Treatment Tables and Open-Field MeasurementsArthur L. Boyer
Robert PraederPrediction of Electron Beam Output Factors Using a Pencil Beam Model With Two Gaussian ComponentsAlmon Shiu
Peter BalterThe Development of a Mailable Phanton for Remote Monitoring of Stereotactic RadiosurgeryWilliam F. Hanson
1996Sarah DanielsonMR Image Segmentation of Tumor and Necrosis in Soft-Tissue SarcomasEdward Jackson
Dena ReynoldsAcquisition, Processing and Display of Helical X-ray Computed Tomography AngiogramJohn Hazle
Kyle AntesComparison of Miniature Multileaf Collimation (MMLC) with Circular Collimation for Stereotactic Radiosurgery and RadiotherapyAlmon Shiu
Stephen ThompsonPerformance Analysis of a Lossy Compression Algorithm for Radiology Based on Cubic Spline WaveletsJohn Hazle
1997Donna ReevePharmacokinetic Model Parameter Estimation for Brian Lesions Using Dynamic Keyhole Fast Spin-Echo MR ImagingEdward Jackson
1998Victor L. HowardStudy of Distortions in Radiotherapy Simulator Fluoroscopic ImagesIsaac Rosen
Matthew K.VosslerA Comparison of the Photon Energy Spectra of Several Radiotherapy Linear AcceleratorsWilliam F. Hanson
Jonathan DuganComputer Modeling of a Photostimulable Phosphor Digital Imaging DeviceDouglas Tucker
Teresa FischerRetrospective Analysis of Lung Fibrosis Following Radiation and Chemotherapy for Lung CancerIsaac Rosen
Russell TarverWavelet Compression of Simulated Computed Tomography ImagesJohn Hazle
1999Michael BiedaA Monte Carlo Method for Commissioning Electron BeamsJohn Antolak
2000Christopher BairdDosimetry of Large-reasted Patients Utilizing CompensatorsGeorge Starkschall
Luke McLemoreDosimetris Characterization of a Palladium 103 Implanted Stent for Intravascular BrachytherapyJohn Horton
Michael LemacksTwo Methods for Improving the Detectability of Microcalcifications in Digital MammographyChris Shaw
2001Dee-Ann RadfordA Standarized Method of Quality Assurance for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy of the ProstateDavid Followill
2002Amanda KrintzA Reanalysis of the Collaborative Ocular Melanoma Study Medium Tumor Trial Eye Plaque DosimetryDavid Followill
Christoper CherryA Heterogeneous Thorax Phantom for Remote Verification of Three-Dimensional Conformal RadiotherapyWilliam Hanson
Laura ButlerDosimetric Benefits of Respiratory GatingGeorge Starkschall
Nicholas KochAssessment of Respiratory Motion for Radiation Therapy of Lung Cancer Using Magnetic Resonance ImagingH. Helen Liu
Jennifer O'DanielThe Delivery of IMRT With a Single Physical Modulator for Multiple Fields: A Feasibility Study for Prostate and Paranasal Sinus CancersLei Dong
2003Michael BeachImplementation of a Polymer Gel Dosimetry Insert for an Anthropomorphic Phantom Used to Evaluate Head and Neck Intensity-Modulated Radiation TherapyGeoffrey Ibbott
2004Gary FisherThe Accuracy of a 3-D Inhomogeneity Photon Algorithm in Commercial Treatment Planning Systems Using a Heterogeneous Lung PhantomDavid Followill
2005Pai-Chun Melinda ChiA Three-Dimensional Pencil Beam Redefinition Algorithm for Electron Arc TherapyKenneth Hogstrom
Jackeline SantiagoEnergy Dependence of a New TLD-100 System for Characterizing Low Energy Brachytherapy SourcesGeoffrey S. Ibbott
Hilary VassComparison of the Microselection PDR 192IR Source to Traditional LDR 137CS for Treating Gynecological Cancers in a 10 Patient Monte Carlo StudyGeoffrey S. Ibbott
Kenneth HomannEvaluation of the Dose Within the Abutment Region Between Tangential and Supraclavical Fields for Various Breast Irradiation TechniquesKarl Prado
Claire NerbunAnalysis of MD-55-2 Gafchromic Film as a Dosimetry Audit System for Proton TherapyGeoffrey Ibbott
2006Scott DavidsonHeterogeneity Dose Calculation Algorithm Accuracy in IMRT Using Anthropomorphic Thorax PhantomDavid Followill
Earl GatesThe Dosimetric Impact of IMRT on Out-of-Field Structures in the Treatment of the Intact Breast: A Comparison to Forward-Planned TechniquesMohammad Salehpour
Ryan HecoxDose Calculation Accuracy in the Presence of High-Z Material Using Megavoltage CT for Treatment PlanningGeoffrey S. Ibbott
Michael BlighImplementation of Quantitative Computed Tomography on Multi-Slice Computed Tomography ScannersDianna Cody
Blake CannonQuantitative Diffusion and Fat Imaging of Vertebral Compression FracturesJingfei Ma
2007Alanna McDermottValidating Pediatric CT Surface and Organ Doses Predicted by Monte Carlo Simulations Using Point DosimetricDianna Cody
Renee DickinsonTechnical Improvement of LymphoscintigraphyRichard Wendt
Paige NitschAssessment of Cyberkinfe's Heterogeneity Dose Calculation Algorithm and Respiratory Tracking System Using an Anthropomorphic thorax PhantomGeoffrey S. Ibbott
Susannah LazarRisk of Secondary Fatal Malignancies from Hi-Art Tomography IMRTDavid Followill
2008Jimmy JonesStudy of the Radiation Damage to Plastic Scintillating Fibers and Optical FibersA. Sam Beddar
Maria BellonEvaluation of Aluminum-Oxide (AL2O3C) Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Dosimeters as a Potential Alternative to Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLDs) for Remote Dosimetry ServicesDavid Followsill
Nathan PungValidation of a Conversion Method of Low Dose Rate to Pulsed Dose Rate Intracavitary Brachytherapy Prescription for the Treatment of Cervical CarcinomaFiras Mourtada
Yevgeney VinogradskiyVerification of 4D Dose CalculationsGeorge Starkschall
John ZulloValidation of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Point Dose Calculation Accuracy Performed using a Scatter Integration Based AlgorithmKarl Prado
2009Triston DougallValidation of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Point Dose Calculation Accuracy Performed using a Scatter Integration Based AlgorithmCharles Willis
Georgi GeorgievComparison of Secondary Dose in Pediatric Patients from Craniospinal Irradiations using Photon, Proton and Electron SpinalDavid Followsill
Ryan GrantImplementation of an Anthropomorphic Pelvis Phantom for the Evaluation of Proton Therapy Treatment ProceduresGeoffrey Ibbott
Katie HulmeConsiderations for Computer Tomography Dose Reduction in 96m TCSpect/CT ProtocolsS. Cheenu Kappadath
2010Joseph DickAn Implant Mosfet Dosimeter Modified to Act as a Fidicial MarkerMohammad Salehpour
James KernsCharacterization of Optically-Stimulated Luminescent Detectors in Photon & Proton Beams for use in Anthropomorphic PhantomsGeoffrey Ibbott
Kelly KislingVolumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Evaluation with the Radiological Physics Center Head and Neck PhantomRebecca Howell
Derek YaldoEvaluation of the Sensitivity of the Anisotropic Analytical Algorithm (AAA) to the Commissioning DatasetRebecca Howell
David ZamoraThoracic Target Volume Delineation using Various Maximum Intensity Projection Computed Tomography Image Sets for Stereotactic Body Radiation TherapyTinsu Pan
Brad LoftonNew Tools for Monitoring Gamma Camera UniformityRichard Wendt
2011Anthony "Tony" BlatnicaModification and Implementation of the RPC Heterogeneous Thorax Phantom for Verification of Proton Therapy Treatment ProceduresGeoffrey Ibbott
Sarah JoyAssessment of Collimator Jaw Optimization in Reducing Normal Tissue Irradiation with Intensity Modulated Radiation TherapyPeter Balter
Jonathan MuellerIn-Vivo CT Dosimetry During Virtual ColonoscopyDianna Cody
Emily NeubauerThe Effect of Shoulder Variation on IMRT and SmartArc for Head and Neck CancerStephen F. Kry
Kiley PulliamThe Clinical Impact of Couch Top and Rails on IMRT and Arc TherapyStephen F. Kry
Paige SummersDevelopment and Implementation of an Anthropomorphic Head Phantom fort he Assessment of Proton Therapy Treatment PlansGeoffrey Ibbott
Jacqueline ToniganEvaluation of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Delivery Error Due to IMRT Treatment Plan Complexity and Improperly Matched Dosimetry DataDavid Followill
2012Roman RepchakEvaluation of the Effectiveness of AAA Algorithm in Flattened and Flattening-Filter-Free Beams for the High Energy Lung Dose Delivery using the RPC Lung Phantom.David Followill
Kevin CaseyDevelopment and Implementation of a Remote Audit Tool for High Dose Rate (HDR) 192IR Brachytherapy Using Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimetry.David Followill
Jared OhrtComprehensive Calculation Based IMRT QA Using R&V Data, Treatment & Records, and a Second Treatment Planning System.Peter Balter
Jennelle BergeneDevelopment and Implementation of the Use of Optically Stimulated Luminescent Detectors in the Radiological Physics Center Anthropomorphic Quality Assurance Phantoms.     David Followill
 Kevin VredevoogdEvaluation of Polymer Gel Dosimeters for Measurement of Dose and LET in Proton BeamsGeoffrey Ibbott
 Michael SiloskyCharacterization of the Count Rate Performance and Evaluation of the Effects of High Count Rates on Modern Gamma CamerasS. Cheenu Kappadath

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