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Daniel Robertson - PhD Research

Daniel Robertson

BS, 2008, Physics, Brigham Young University 

Project: Computer Simulations of Detector Designs as well as Physical Measurements at the Proton Therapy Center

During proton radiation therapy, proton-nuclei collisions lead to nuclear excitations which subsequently release characteristic gamma photons.  This process is called prompt gamma emission.  I am assisting in the development of a detector system which will use these gamma photons to identify the dose distribution delivered during proton therapy.  This treatment verification is very important in the young field of intensity-modulated proton therapy.  Because the gamma rays emitted by each type of nucleus are unique, this detector system will enable elemental analysis of the irradiated tissue, providing useful information to doctors about tumor biology and perhaps even drug distribution.  My work includes computer simulations of detector designs as well as physical measurements at the Proton Therapy Center.

Career Goal:  
Academic Medical Physics

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