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M.S./Ph.D. Program Alumni

Master of Science
1977Amparo MarlesCE and Cl Dependence on the Chamber Wall Material as a Function of Beam EnergyPeter R. Almond
1986Steven M. KirsnerAdvanced Radiation Therapy Techniques for RetinoblastomaKenneth R. Hogstrom
1991Allen D. GreenModeling of Dual Foil Scattering Systems for Clinical Electron BeamsKenneth R. Hogstrom
1995Usman QaziEvaluation of a Quadruple Energy Window Scatter Subtraction Algorithm for Anger Camera ImagingDaniel J. Macey
1996Robin KendallDose-Escalation Potential of Intensity-Modulated Conformal Therapy for Lung CancerIsaac I. Rosen
1998Robert BoydThe Effect of Using an Initial Polyenergetic Spectrum with the Electron Pencil-Beam Redefinition AlgorithmKenneth R. Hogstrom
1998Nicholas ZacharopoulosMR Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Normal Human Brian with Selective Tissue SuppressionPonnada A. Narayana
1999Shannon Bragg-SittonAssessment of the Reliability and Reproducibility of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Selected Cognitive TasksEd Jackson
2000Kent GiffordVerification of a Commercial Radiation Treatment Planning SystemGeorge Starkschall
2001Brent ParkerQuantification of Uncertainties for PTV Margin Determination in Conformal Stereotactic Radiotherapy of Intracranial LesionsAlmon Shiu
Theodore Steger, IIIImplementation and Verification of Techniques for Real-Time Analysis and Clinical Distribution of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging DataEd Jackson
2002Aziz PoonawallaTechnical Development and Optimization of Clinical Magnetic Resonance TractographyX. Joe Zhou


Rebecca Milman Marsh

Measuring Cell Volume Fraction with High-Resolution Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance ImagingX. Joe Zhou
Stephen KrySecondary Dose Equivalent From IMRT TreatmentsMohammad Salehpour
2004Michael J. PriceModification of the Pencil-Beam Redefinition Algorithm to Predict Central-Axis Percent Depth Dose for Rectangular FieldsKenneth Hogstrom
2005Robert A. RodgersElectron Conformal Radiotherapy for Post-Mastectomy Irradiation: A Bolus-Free, Multi-Energy, Multi-Segmented Field AlgorithmJohn A. Antolak
Jason ShoalesDevelopment of an Independent Audit Device for Remote Verification of 4D RadiotherapyDavid Followill
Malcolm HeardCharacterizing Dose Distribution of Brachytherapy Sources Using Normoxic GelGeoffrey S. Ibbott
Jonas FontenotDose Per Monitor Unit Determination for Proton Therapy Treatment Portals With and Without the Range CompensatorWayne Newhauser
2006Adam MelanconThe Dosimetric Impact of Infrafractional Motion on IMRT Treatment of Prostate CancerLei Dong
Dustin RaganPartial Fourier Image Reconstruction for Efficient Water and Fat Separation in MRJingfei Ma
2007Whitney Bivens WarrenEvaluation of Bang Polymer Gel Dosimeters in Proton BeamsGeoffrey S. Ibbott
Richard CastilloCT-Based Pulmonary Compliance Imaging in RodentsThomas Guerrero
William Michael BradleyPartial Volume Correction of Lung Nodules Using PET/CTOsama Mawlawi
2008Jaclyn Homnick

Evaluation of Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3:C) Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Dosimeters as a Potential Alternative to Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLDs) for Remote Dosimetry Services

Geoffrey S. Ibbott
2013Luke HunterRadionics of NSCLC: Quantitative CT Imagine Feature Characterization and Tumor Shrinkage PredictionLaurence Court
1978Chien-hua ChuA Clinical Liquid Ionization Chamber for Mixed Neuton Field DosimetryWalter Grant, III
James MarbachOptimization Parameters for Field Flatness and Central-Axis-Depth-Dose for Use in Design of Therapy Electron Beam GeneratorsPeter R. Almond
1979Carlos DeAlmeidaEnergy and Spectrum Measurements of High Energy Electrons, Using a Cerenkov DetectorPeter Almond
1980Thomas KirbyOrigin of Residual Potential In Amorphous Selenium PhotoreceptorsAlfonso Zermeno
1981Amparo MarlesComparison of Measurement of Absorbed Dose to Water Using A Water Calorimeter and Ionization Chambers of Clinical Radiotherapy Photon Electron BeamsPeter Almond
1982Jose BencomoStudy of the Effects of Total Modulation Transfer Function Changes On Observer Performance Using Clinical MammogramsDennis Johnston
1984Benjamin R. ArcherA Laplace Transform Pair Model to Determine Bremsstrahlung Spectra From Attenuation DataPeter Almond
1985D.E. MellenbergMeasurement of Tumor Blood Flow Following Neutron IrradiationKenneth R. Hogstrom
1987Patrick M. StaffordNuclear Track Detector Material as a Fast Neutron MicrodosimeterPeter Almond (Dennis Johnston)
1988Almon S. ShiuThree-Dimension Electron Beam Dose CalculationsKenneth R. Hogstrom
1989John D. HazleIn Vivo Magnetic Resonance Studies of Experimental Liver Disease: Carbon Tetrachloride Hepatatoxicity and Alcohol Induced Fatty Liver In RatPonnada Narayana
1990Edward JacksonA Dual Resonance, Image-Guided Volume Localization Technique for Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyPonnada Narayana
1991Michael F. MoyersA Convolution Model for Energy Transport in a Therapeutic Fast Neutron BeamJohn L. Horton
1993John E. BayouthDosimetric Evaluation of Bone Marrow Ablation Using Radionuclide TherapyDaniel J. Macey
1994Huan Bosco GiapDevelopment of a SPECT-Based Three Dimensional Treatment Planner for Radionuclide Therapy With Iodine-131Daniel J. Macey
1995James FalconerQuantitative MRI of Spinal Cord Injury in a Rat Model: Correlative StudiesPonnada Narayana
Lei DongDevelopment of Automated Image Analysis Tools for Verification of Radiotherapy Field Accuracy With an Electronic Portal Imaging DeviceArt Boyer
2000Steven McCulloughA Novel Treatment Planning Methology for High Dose 166Ho-DOTMP Marrow Ablation Therapy in Patients with Multiple MyelomaRichard Wendt
2001Robert BoydPencil-Beam Redefinition Algorithm Dose Calculations for Electron Therapy Treatment PlanningKenneth Hogstrom
2002Roger Jason StaffordFast Magnetic Resonance Temperature Imaging for Focused Ultrasound Thermal TherapyJohn Hazle
2003Peter BalterImaging Properties of Scanning Equalization Digital Radiography: A Simulation StudyWilliam Hanson
2004Brent C. ParkerVerification of Intensity Modulated Stereotactic Radiotherapy Using Monte Carlo Calculations and EPID DisometryAlmon Shiu
Kent A. GiffordA 3-D CT Assisted Monte Carlo Evaluation of Intracavitary ImplantsJohn Horton
Nathan ChildressThe Design and Evaluation of a 2D Verification System for Intensity Modulated RadiotherapyIsaac Rosen
Theodore StegerInvestigation of Arterial Spin Labeling MRI for Quantitative Cerebral Blood Flow MeasurementEd Jackson
2005Aziz PoonawallaMultiple Gradient Echo Propeller (MGREP) Technical Development and Potential ApplicationsX. Joe Zhou
Dawn CavanaughAssessment of Cone Beam Computed Tomography Techniques for Imaging Lung Damage in Mice in vivoDianna Cody
2006Nicholas KochMonte Carlo and Analytical Dose Calculations for Ocular Proton TherapyWayne Newhauser
Jennifer O'DanielImage-Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy for Prostate and Head-and-Neck CancersLei Dong
2007Stephen KryThe Development and Validation of a Monte Carlo Model for Calculating the Out-of-Field Dose from Radiotherapy TreatmentsMohammad Salehpour
Rebecca MarshMeasuring Treatment Response in Irradiated Murine Tumors with Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance ImagingJohn Hazle
Christopher NelsonReduction of Tumor Motion and Setup Uncertainties in the Radiation Therapy of Lung TumorsGeorge Starkschall
Pai-Chun Melinda ChiThoracic Cancer Imaging with PET/CT in Radiation OncologyTinsu Pan
2008Jonas FontenotProton Therapy Versus Intensity Modulated X-ray Therapy in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer: Estimating Secondary Cancer RisksWayne Neuhauser
Rebecca WeinbergElectron Intensity Modulation for Mixed-Beam Radiation Therapy with an X-ray Multi-Leaf CollimatorJohn Antolak
Michael J. PriceThe Imaging and Dosimetric Capabilities of a CT/MR Suitable Anatomically Adaptive, Shielded Intracavitary Brachytherapy Applicator for the Treatment of Cervical CancerFiras Mourtada
Venkata Kishore MogatadakalaIn Vivo Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Rat Spinal Cord with a Phased Array Coil at 7TPonnada Narayana
2009Malcolm HeardIdentification and Characterization of an Optimal Three-Dimensional Dosimetry System for Remote Auditing by the RPCGeoffrey Ibbott
2010Dustin RaganMeasurements of the Vascular Input Function in Mice for DCE-MRIJim Bankson
Scott DavidsonBenchmarking and Implementation of a New Independent Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Quality Assurance Audit Tool for Clinical TrialsDavid Followill
Adam MelanconRange Adaptive Proton Therapy for Prostate CancerLei Dong
Adam RiegelThoracic Radiotherapy Treatment Planning with Cine PET/CTTinsu Pan
Blake CannonImproving Quantitative Treatment Response Monitoring with Deformable Image RegistrationLei Dong
 Brian TaylorDynamic Chemical Shift Imaging for Usage-Guided Thermal TherapyR. Jason Stafford
2011Ming YangDual Energy Computed Tomography for Proton Therapy Treatment PlanningLei Dong
Rui ZhangQuantitative Comparison of Late Effects Following Photon Versus Proton External-Beam Radiation Therapies: Toward an Evidence-Based Approach for Selecting a Treatment ModalityWayne Newhauser
Yoshi TsunashimoVerification of Clinical Implementation of Respiratory-Gated Beam Delivery Technique with Synchrotron-Based Proton Irradiation.Lei Dong
2012Cheuk Kai HuiImproved Techniques for Acquisition and Analysis of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Detecting Vascular Permeability in the Central Nervous System.Ponnada Narayana
Vaibhar JunejaNovel Phantoms and Post-Processing for  Diffusion Spectrum Imaging.Ponnada Narayana
Sarah ScarboroUnderstanding the influence of Photon Energy on 6 mv Non-Reference Dosimetry Using TLD and OSLDStephen Kry
Chad BircherDesign, Calibration and Evaluation of Depth-of-Interaction-Capable PET Detector ModulesYiping Shao
Moiz AhmadDesign and Optimization of Four-Dimensional Cone-Beam Computed Tomography in Image-Guided Radiation TherapyTinsu Pan
Peter ParkDevelopment of Bean-Specific Planning Target Volume and Robust Plan Analysis Tool for Proton TherapyX. Joe Zhou
2013Zhiqian "Henry" YuImproving Cervical Cancer Nodal Boost Radiation Therapy by Quantifying Uncertainties and Exploring Advanced Radiation Therapy ModalitiesRajat Kudchadker

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