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Kenneth Homann - PhD Research

Kenneth Homann

B.S., 2002, Physics, Northwestern State University
M.S., 2005, Medical Physics, University of Texas HSC - Houston 

Project: Comparison of Second Cancer Risk Comparison Between Proton or Photon Radiation Treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma

My research involves quantifying the risk of developing a second cancer later in life due to radiation treatments, especially for patients with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Recent advances in radiation treatment options relative to classical techniques provide a means to maintain the same tumor control while potentially reducing the dose to healthy tissue.  By lowering this dose, we can potentially diminish the chance of developing a cancer later in life.  My work uses various radiation risk models taken from radiation exposure studies to quantify the risk of second cancer development given a known dose to a specific organ and patient.  In addition to these risk modeling techniques, my work includes Monte Carlo calculations to determine dose out of field as well as commercial treatment planning to determine infield doses.

Advisor: Wayne Newhauser, PhD
Career Goal:  Clinical practice, Research, Medical Physics Education

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