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Shalek Fellowship Donor/Pledge Card

Donation/Pledge Card

Robert J. Shalek Fellowships in Medical Physics

2011-2013 Campaign





Total Donation/Pledge:  (all contributions are fully tax deductible)

 $100          $200          $500          $1,000       $                       

Payment Enclosed:                             

Amount Pledged:                                    by                             

Do your (or your spouse’s) institution/company have a matching gift program?

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Check should be made payable to:  Robert J. Shalek Fellowship Fund

Mail all donations/pledges to:

Shalek Fellowships
Attn:  Georgeanne R. Moore
Dept. of Imaging Physics – Unit 1472
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
1400 Pressler Street
Houston, TX  77030

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