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Pluripotent Training

(adjective) \plu̇-ˈri-pə-tənt\

not fixed as to developmental potentialities; especially : capable of differentiating into one of many cell types (Merriam-Webster)

For many researchers and clinicians looking at what lies ahead, understanding the requirements for different career paths can be difficult to discern and navigate. The landscape of the biomedical enterprise is changing and new opportunities are always emerging for individuals who understand what they bring to these potential roles. Though research and clinical training are imperative for the technical aspects of these opportunities, it is crucial to understand the professional development components that need to be addressed.

Another challenge is believing you are prepared to enter one of the multiple sectors of the biomedical and biotech industries. The GOOD news is that you are prepared! The skills and training you received as part of your experience are more valuable than you might realize. Many aspects of your training are transferrable to a number of different industries and several unique roles within those sectors. Understanding how those skills can be applied to these unique opportunities requires additional perspective and research which are readily available to those who are willing to look for it.

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