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Integrative Medicine Program

The Integrative Medicine Program engages patients and their families to become active participants in improving their physical, psycho-spiritual and social health. The ultimate goals are to optimize health, quality of life and clinical outcomes through personalized evidence-based clinical care, exceptional research and education.

For clinical services and free group classes please visit our Integrative Medicine Center.

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Our research focuses on reducing the negative consequences of cancer diagnosis and treatment through studying the use of modalities such as acupuncture, meditation and yoga to treat side effects and improve quality of life. We study the use of plants and other natural compounds to treat cancer and cancer-related symptoms. We also examine the benefits of physical activity, nutrition, stress management and social support on health outcomes.


The goal of the education is to provide authoritative, evidence-based information for health care professionals, caregivers and patients who would like to safely incorporate complementary medicine therapies with conventional cancer care. Our Integrative Medicine Program offers educational activities and trainings, such as a monthly Lecture Series , Research Club, Journal Club, Integrative Oncology Education Series, conferences and workshops.

Clinical Care

The Integrative Medicine Center offers professional guidance to assist patients regarding their personalized, comprehensive treatments. The Center provides services and programs that work together with conventional cancer care and focus on physical, mind-spirit, and social health.

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Group classes calendar is featured in the Newsletter.

Clinical Services:

coming soon:

  • Exercise and Physical Activity Consultation


  • 10th Annual Integrative Oncology Training Conference for Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists and Yoga/Mind-Body Teachers.

    This three-day course will help you understand and address specific needs of cancer patients in your practice.

    July 18-20, 2014, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas

    For information and to register:

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  • Be part of supporting a landmark study that will transform medical care by demonstrating that comprehensive lifestyle change can dramatically improve cancer outcomes.

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  • Fourth Monday of every month, 9:30-10:00 a.m. CT, Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D. and his wife Alison Jefferies host a radio show: Living the Anticancer Life™. Listen live on KPFT Houston 90.1 FM or access the archive.

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  • The MD Anderson Integrative Medicine Program is a current member of the Society for Integrative Oncology.

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  • Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD, from Upaya Zen Center in New Mexico, came to MD Anderson to speak about compassion and healthcare. Recorded Lecture Series talk available online. 

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Training Conference

10th Annual Integrative Oncology
Training Conference July 18-20, 2014

Obtain specialized training from our practitioners. Network with experts in your field.

CEs offered for licensed practitioners.

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Inside Integrative Medicine is a free monthly newsletter with the latest news on complementary therapies, research and a monthly activities calendar for the Integrative Medicine Center.  

Lecture Series

 Behavior Change Interventions for Multiple Cancer Risk Factors: Obesity, Tobacco, and Alcohol. (56:51)

David W. Wetter, Ph.D. 
Lorna Haughton McNeill, Ph.D. 
Virmarie Correa-Fernandez, Ph.D.

Health Disparities Research 
The University of Texas 
MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

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