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Institute for Applied Cancer Science

Jianhua (John) Zhang, Ph.D. - Associate Director, Bioinformatics

Jianhua (John) Zhang, Ph.D., has broad training and experience in biology, computer science, biostatistics and bioinformatics. He has made significant contributions to the scientific community worldwide through his involvement and important roles in the bioconductor project (one of the most preferred bioinformatics software archives) that provides cutting-edge bioinformatics tools for the management, process, annotation and analysis of high-throughput biological data. During the past six years, he has been in charge of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) copy number data processing and analysis production pipeline of the TCGA-Harvard Medical School Genomic Characterization Center. Data processed through the Harvard production pipeline have been published in high impact articles in the journal Nature. Zhang also has been an active developer of modules and contributor of the infrastructure of another successful TCGA related project, the MD Anderson-Broad Institute GDAC that implements analytical tools for analyzing TCGA data and generates high-level analysis results for the scientific community.

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