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Institute for Applied Cancer Science

Meet the Team

Currently seventy scientists, most recruited from leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, drive programs in metabolism, epigenetics, and signaling toward the goal of developing novel therapies for patients and an understanding of how these might be used clinically. Collectively, IACS team members have more than 200 years of industry experience, as well as proven track records of effectively translating targets into clinically significant treatments that are in late stage clinical trials, plus one FDA approved agent.

To effectively move a program forward multiple disciplines from biochemistry and enzymology, through to medicinal chemistry and onward to in vivo pharmacology need to work together in a seamless manner to make a program successful. Merging scientific cultures into cross-functional teams that integrate multiple specialized scientific disciplines leads to increased productivity and innovation. Project teams are nimble and accountable driving projects from hypothesis through proof-of-concept to development.


Meet our leadership team.

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