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Institute for Applied Cancer Science

About IACS

MD Anderson is known for providing cancer patients with exceptional care, which includes early access to innovative new treatments through clinical trials. The Institute for Applied Cancer Science (IACS) is a new hybrid model that uniquely combines the drug discovery capabilities of the biopharmaceutical industry and the extensive knowledge of biology found in academia with the expertise of MD Anderson's top clinicians to develop new therapeutic options.

IACS has the singular goal of rapidly developing novel, effective and safe therapeutics that improve patient health.  Close collaborations with the physician scientists here at MD Anderson helps to position these therapeutics to benefit specific patient populations with unmet medical need.

IACS executes programs with the highest probability of clinical success in a rigorous, goal-oriented, data-driven manner, employing the Bench at the Bedside approach.

The Institute’s Synergistic Approach Relies on Three Key Components:

•  A highly experienced team of professional drug discovery and development

•  Real-time access to clinical insights gained by the best physician scientists in 
   the nation who treat over 100,000 cancer patients per year.

•  Clinically informed, patient-oriented research programs focused on delivering 
    impactful results to patients.

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