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Program Members

Executive Director
Naoto Ueno, MD, PhD, FACP

Elucidating the role of EMT, metastasis, and cancer stem cells in IBC; Development of novel clinical trials for IBC Elucidating the role of ERK pathway in IBC Conducting whole genome and cDNA microarray analysis of IBC




Deputy Director and Member, Executive Committee
Wendy Woodward, MD, PhD

Providing conformal radiation therapy for patients with IBC; Characterizing radiation resistance in IBC stem cells Examining mechanisms of sensitizing IBC to radiation including targeting stem cell signaling pathways, signaling, and epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) in IBC cells and tumor models

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Director, Clinical Research
Vicente Valero, MD, FACP

Investigating breast neoplasms, unusual histologies, new drug development, and clinical trials targeting health disparities; treating inflammatory breast cancer utilizing new biological agents, gene profiling, and clinical trials




Member, Executive Committee
James Reuben, PhD

Elucidating the role of EMT and cancer stem cells in IBC Characterizing the role of microRNA in IBC; developing new molecular-based technologies to detect circulating tumor cells (CTC) while evaluating stem cell properties in CTCs Providing laboratory support for monitoring and evaluating IBC patients on clinical trials



Special Advisor
Thomas Buchholz, MD

Defining optimal radiation treatment strategies; elucidating molecular and genetic factors that determine IBC development and treatment response




Core Leader
Anthony Lucci, MD

Investigating targetable networks in the aggressive sub-populations of IBC cells and metabolism in IBC Developing new laboratory-based assays to evaluate novel therapies against IBC Evaluate novel therapies in xenograft mouse models of IBC  Determine the DTC and CTC status of IBC patients and maintain a database of test results and outcomes of IBC patients Investigate the molecular characteristics of DTCs and CTCs from IBC patients


Core Leader
Savitri Krishnamurthy, MD

Investigate molecular and biologic markers in IBC; Provide laboratory support for through tissue specimen preparation, interpretation, and ancillary techniques, including immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization




Core Leader
Wei T. Yang, MD

Direct imaging of IBC at staging, to include mammography, sonography, imaging-guided biopsy of index breast masses and regional lymph nodes Direct imaging-guided core needle biopsy of the breast for the IBC Registry; Direct research evaluation of IBC with MRI and PET/CT; Evaluate novel imaging techniques for the evaluation of response to targeted therapy of IBC patients using positron emission mammography (PEM) Evaluate radiologic-pathologic correlation of core needle biopsy samples of the breast for tumor celluairty and facilitation of molecular studies


Core Leader
Randa El_Zein, MD, PhD

Exploring the epidemiological factors associated with IBC; determining the role of viruses and IBC; Collaborating with international teams comparing IBC in the US with other high risk areas




IBC Program Members

Ricardo Alvarez, MD

Analyzing the role of new targeted agents in IBC patients; investigating the role of anti-VEGF and the relationship with tumor interstitial fluid pressure (IFP)





Gildy Babiera, MD

Resection of primary tumor for Stage IV inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) Extent of surgical resection after neoadjuvant chemotherapy





James Bankson, PhD

Preclinical MR imaging (MRI) of small animals; Quantitation and parametric derivation from preclinical MRI (e.g., via DCE) and MR spectroscopy (MRS)





Yun Gong, MD

Providing tissue banking from IBC patients who are diagnosed and/or treated at MD Anderson Performing pathologic (morphologic and immunohistochemical) evaluation on IBC-related projects





Huong Le-Petross, MD

Evaluating the utility of Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Advanced MR Imaging Techniques, such as MR Spectroscopy and MR Diffusion-Weighted Imaging, in IBC patients at the initial staging and for therapy response assessment





Laszlo Radvanyi, PhD







Khandan Keyomarsi, PhD






Elizabeth A Mittendorf, MD

Studying immunologic aspects of the breast tumor microenvironment; conducting clinical trials evaluating breast cancer immunotherapy; providing surgical care to patients diagnosed with breast cancer.





Bedrich Eckhardt, PhD

Utilizing multiple discovery platforms including; forward genetic screens (shRNA), phage-based peptide display, and ChIP-Seq to identify novel molecular interactions that occur during the development of IBC and metastatic breast cancer. Elucidating the role of BMP-SMAD signaling in preclinical models of spontaneous breast cancer metastasis.





Sarah M Gainer, MD

Assessing accuracy of pre-operative imaging in identifying axillary metastasis and assessing accuracy of sentinel lymph node biopsy in patients with IBC. Identifying patients with IBC who may benefit from less aggressive surgical treatment after response to systemic therapy.




Mariana Chavez Mac Gregor, MD

Outcomes and disparities research; understanding the long -term effects of therapy and evaluating quality of care at a population level. Comprehensive and compassionate treatment of breast cancer patients with an interest in aggressive tumor types like IBC. Development of novel clinical trials with new biological agents.

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