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Conference Presentations

The Ovarian Cancer Regional Seminar 2013

The Ovarian Cancer Regional Seminar was hosted by the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance and MD Anderson Cancer Center on September 22, 2013.

Ovarian cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers were invited to hear from the experts on ovarian cancer.  The following is a list of presentations:

Women's Moon Shot Program
Anil Sood, MD

Screening and Early Detection
Nicole Fleming, MD

Ovarian Cancer Genetics
Karen Lu, MD

Clinical Trials
Shannon Westin, MD

Future/Emerging Treatments
Robert Coleman, MD

Exercise and Nutritional Issues for Cancer Survivorship
Karen Basen-Engquist, MD

Ovarian Cancer Survivorship
Lois Ramondetta, M.D.

The 9th International Conference on Ovarian Cancer

The International Conference on Ovarian Cancer took place in Houston, TX, December 2-3, 2011. Here are the presentations in PDF form, posted with the permission of the presenters:

David M. Gershenson, MD

Richard R. Barakat, MD

Screening for Ovarian Cancer in the General Population
Karen H. Lu, MD

Hereditary Ovarian Cancer
Noah D. Kauff, MD

Genetic Counseling and Testing
Molly S. Daniels, MS

Mucinous Ovarian Cancer
Michael Frumovitz, MD, MPH

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
Ignace Vergote, MD

Primary Surgical Cytoreduction
Dennis S. Chi, MD

Secondary Surgical Cytoreduction
Nadeem Abu-Rustum, MD

Secondary Surgical Cytoreduction
Pedro T. Ramirez, MD

Novel Imaging for Ovarian Cancer
Homer A. Macapinlac, MD

Palliative Care for Ovarian Cancer Patients
Eduardo Bruera, MD

Ovarian Cancer Survivors Teaching Medical Students
Nicki L. Flowers, RN, MS, WHNP

PARP Inhibitors in Ovarian Cancer – A 2011 Perspective
Stan Kaye, MD

New Directions in Anti-Angiogenesis Therapy
Anil K. Sood, MD

Angiogenesis Inhibitors in Clinical Practice
Robert L. Coleman, MD

Consolidation Therapy in Ovarian Cancer
Paul Sabbatini, MD

Use of Biomarkers to Personalize Care for Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
Robert C. Bast, Jr., MD

Ovarian Cancer Genomics: Impact on Prevention, Diagnosis, and Recurrence
Douglas A. Levine, MD

Robotics in the Modern Era of Ovarian Cancer Management
Ginger J. Gardner, MD

Video-Assisted Thorascopic Surgery (VATS) in Ovarian Cancer
Yukio Sonoda, MD

Education & Support

The JoAnn Rosenberg Fund: Read more about our women's educational seminar.

Ovarian Cancer Support Group (pdf)

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