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Community Studies

Exercise Studies

Project Leap

Phone Number:  713-792-5039
Population: women, 50-60 years old, BMI >35, no cancer history
Description of Research Study:  The goal of this clinical research study is to learn about the effects of metformin and/or a program called "lifestyle intervention" on the endometrium (inner lining of the uterus) in post-menopausal women who are also obese (both are risk factors for endometrial cancer). Researchers also want to learn how insulin levels will be affected by metformin, diet and/or exercise.

Meditation Studies

Meditation Study

Phone Number: 713-745-2733
Population:  female breast cancer and non-cancer patients, 18 years and older
Brief Description:  The goal of this research study is to test Tibetan meditation as a therapy to teach cancer patients to change their brain functioning and to improve quality of life.  Researchers want to compare the cancer patients' outcomes to people who have never had cancer.

Smoking Studies

HLT (High vs. Low Dose Topiramate)

Phone Number: 713-792-1400
Population:  adult smokers and heavy drinkers (age 18 years and older) in the Houston metropolitan and surrounding areas
Brief Description:  Topiramate has been used to reduce drinking and smoking behavior.  The goal of this clinical study is to learn if Topiramate used in both high and low doses increases the percentage of people with no drinking days, while also increasing the rate of smoking abstinence.

Project NIC

Phone Number: 713-794-4763
Population:  smokers ages 35-60
Brief Description:  The goal of this research study is to learn more about how a smoker's brain responds to cues in their environment and how smoking a cigarette influences brain responses. Brain responses will be measured using a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner.


Phone Number: 713-792-1425
Population:  smokers, 18 years or older
Brief Description:  The goal of this research study is to learn more about the effects of different nicotine levels in cigarettes. (Note: This is not a smoking cessation study.)

Latinos Contra el Cancer (CNP)

Número de teléfono del estudio: 713-792-9123
Población: Latinos 18 años o mayor que fuman
Descripción de la investigación:  Este estudio de investigación es para aprender si un programa de bienestar puede ayudar a mejor la dieta y los niveles de actividad física, y alentar el dejar de fumar en adultos Latinos.  Participantes serán compensados por su tiempo, y se les proveerá parches de nicotina sin costo alguno.

Hispanic/Latino smokers, ages 18 and older.  The goal of this study is to learn if a wellness program can help improve diet and physical activity levels and encourage smoking cessation in Latino adults.  Participants will be compensated for their time and nicotine patches will be provided at no cost.

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