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Section of Abdominal Imaging

The Abdominal Imaging Section includes 43 dedicated abdominal radiologists involved in the performance and interpretation of CT, MRI, ultrasound, radiography, flouroscopy, and PET-CT.

We employ state-of-the-art imaging equipment and protocols. The Division of Diagnostic Imaging at MD Anderson has one of the largest concentrations of major clinical imaging equipment focused on oncologic imaging in the world. There are dedicated workstations for image processing and analysis, a filmless digital environment for processing and viewing images as well as integrating multiple modalities, and an electronic medical record. This, together with our dedicated staff, enables both high-quality image acquisition and interpretation.

The Abdominal Imaging radiologists participate in various multidisciplinary conferences that enable discussion of specific patient issues with a team of doctors from various specialties, such as oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, and radiation oncologists. We spearhead as well as actively support clinical services and, in addition, collaborate with other centers on clinical, translational and basic research.

We are also an integral part of the University of Texas at Houston, Diagnostic Radiology training program for resident and medical student education. Residents from training programs outside the University of Texas often rotate through our section. Our MD Anderson Cancer Center Abdominal Imaging fellowships are highly regarded and are integrated with surrounding institutions. They offer extensive clinical and research experience in essentially all aspects of Abdominal Imaging.

The Abdominal Imaging team at MD Anderson is a dedicated group of healthcare professionals committed to providing high-quality patient care, research, and educational programs for our patients, the institution, and the community at large, utilizing and promoting innovation in diagnostic imaging and therapies for benign and malignant oncologic diseases.

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