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Virtual Private Network FAQs

As of Jan. 1, 2014, Cisco AnyConnect is MD Anderson's virtual private network (VPN) portal.

What is Cisco AnyConnect?
Cisco AnyConnect is a VPN (virtual private network) portal that gives employees access to internal resources from outside the institution.

Do I need this and the current VPN portal, WebAccess?
Cisco AnyConnect and our existing VPN portal, WebAccess, do the same thing. Until Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013, you can use either one, but not both at the same time. The current VPN portal, WebAccess, will be decommissioned on Jan. 1, 2014.

How is this different from our existing VPN portal, WebAccess?
Cisco AnyConnect is a client-based application. It is more robust than WebAccess and is configurable to Information Security standards.

Does Cisco AnyConnect do anything else to my machine?
If you use Cisco AnyConnect on a Windows-based machine, it will run a Host Checker to validate that your machine complies with Information Security and Institutional Compliance policies.

What does the Host Checker check for?
Host Checker will check your machine to make sure it's running the appropriate antivirus software and a personal firewall.Your firewall needs to allow IKE UDP 500 and IP Protocol 50.

What do I do if my antivirus software or personal firewall failed the Host Checker check?
Call 4-INFO at 713-794-4636 and provide them with the name on your products and their version numbers. If you need immediate access to the MD Anderson intranet only, visit This provides access to all content within, but without bookmarks.

What OS and browsers are supported?
The Cisco AnyConnect client supports our institutional standard browsers and platforms; please note that Android devices and Windows 8 are not supported by the institution:

  • Browsers
    • Apple Safari, v5 and v6
    • Google Chrome, v22
    • Mozilla Firefox, v15
    • Internet Explorer, v7 (for Windows XP) and v8 (for Windows 7)
  • Platforms
    • Windows XP Pro, SP2 and SP3
    • Windows 7 Enterprise, SP1 (32- or 64-bit)
    • Mac OS X, 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later

It takes me 2-3 attempts before I can log in; how do I fix this?
This often occurs if the wrong profile is selected. Make sure you have the “MDAnderson” profile selected when you're logging in.

What is the time-out limit?
There is a 15-minute idle time-out limit and a 10-hour session limit.

How many login attempts do I get before my account is locked?
After five failed login attempts, your login is disabled. If your login is disabled, call 4-INFO at 713-794-4636 and ask for your login to be re-enabled.

How do I connect to my Windows file share?
You will need to know your home directory path, which usually follows the format: \\mymdafiles\"users#"\"username". Example: \\mymdafiles\users12345\mmouse

How do I get to a website that isn't bookmarked?
Type the URL in the browser's address bar.

What does "full client access" mean and how do I get it?
Full client access means your machine will be assigned an MD Anderson IP address and act as if it is on the MD Anderson network. This is useful to run applications like ClinicStation, Lotus Notes and other applications that don't require a browser. To do this, you must use Network Connect.

Can I access Network Connect without launching it from Cisco AnyConnect?
Yes. After you install Cisco AnyConnect, Network Connect will be on your computer.

How do I log off the system?
You'll need to disconnect the AnyConnect session by clicking the icon and selecting “Disconnect”.

Online Resources

Frequently asked questions

Check out FAQs about Cisco AnyConnect.

Get connected

MD Anderson employees can access online institutional resources several ways:

  • For access to MD Anderson email only, visit the Outlook Web Access page.
  • For access to the MD Anderson intranet only, visit This provides access to all content within
  • For access to multiple MD Anderson resources, download and install the Cisco AnyConnect client appropriate to your device. This provides full virtual private network access to a number of resources:
    • CARE
    • Citrix
    • ClinicPortal
    • ClinicStation
    • Information Security Policies
    • Lotus Notes
    • Nursing News and Information
    • Outlook
    • Password Self Service
    • PeopleSoft (myHR and Resource One)
    • Remote assistance
    • Remote desktop
    • Research Medical Library
    • Secure shell
    • SharePoint
    • Xwindows

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