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Retirement Action Plan: After the last day of work

After the last day of work

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You'll receive your final paychecks according to your normal pay schedule.


  • Depending on when the retirement JDUF is processed, PTO, PHB and EHB balances will be paid in your final paycheck or in the next paycheck according to your normal pay schedule.
  • You'll receive your final paycheck and payment for PTO plus available earned and preserved holiday balances via direct deposit.  
  • If you receive a paper paycheck, the final checks will be sent to your home address listed in myHR.
  • EIB is not paid out at retirement or termination from employment.
Insurance coverage
  • Your insurance coverage as an active employee ends on the last day of the month in which you worked.

    Example: Sally Employee's last day of work is May 5. Her last day of coverage as an active employee is May 31.
  • If you're eligible for retiree insurance, your retiree coverage will begin on the first day of the month following your retirement.
  • This means, if you're eligible, you won't see a lapse in your coverage if you elect the same coverage as a retiree.
Receive your first annuity payment from TRS (if eligible)

TRS retirement annuities are generally paid on the first working day of the month after the payment accrues. Usually, this means you'll receive your first TRS retirement annuity check on the first business day in the second month of your retirement. 

Generally, you'll continue to receive your monthly annuity on the first business day of each month. Please allow an additional five working days if you receive your annuity check by mail.

Example: Sally Employee is eligible for a TRS annuity. Her last day of work is May 5.

  • May 31 is her retirement effective date for TRS
  • June 1 is her first day as a TRS retiree
  • July 1 (if business day) Sally will receive first annuity check as a retiree for the month of June

Be sure to submit all forms in a timely manner to avoid a delay in payments.

Important Note
As seen in the example above, you'll have at least a one month delay from when you receive your last paycheck from MD Anderson and when you receive your first annuity payment from TRS. Please plan accordingly.

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