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"Curiosity is the Key" iBook

As a boy from Cincinnati, Ohio, John Mendelsohn had no idea that when he grew up he would help change the world. He had no idea that his research about how to treat cancer would prolong or save thousands of lives, or that all those thousands of people who lived on because of his work would impact the present and the future in ways we can never know or measure. John didn’t set out to change the world. All he knew was that he had a lot of interests and he was good at a lot of things.

John Mendelsohn, former president of MD Anderson, is a medical doctor and scientist whose research led to a revolutionary kind of cancer treatment. In a new multimedia iBook, John’s story reminds us that the keys to success are being curious and willing to try something new. Written by author Andrea White with illustrations by Kellye Sanford, “Curiosity is the Key” is an uplifting story about discovering your strengths (and weaknesses) and finding your own passion and path to the future.

Available in two formats 
The iBook provides the best user experience for iOS and Mac (Mavericks or later). The interactive PDF will run on most systems using Adobe Acrobat Reader. These are large files (370 MB) that will take time to download. Not recommended for phones.


To download the iBook to your iPad or Mac (Mavericks or later):

  1. Make sure the iBooks App is installed on your iPad (free install through the App Store) or on your Mac running Mavericks or later.
  2. Click on the link above to download. It is a large file (370 MB) and may take 3-5 minutes or more depending on the speed of your Internet connection.
  3. After a few minutes, you should get a dialog box asking if you want to open in iBooks. Answer yes, and the file will automatically download onto the iBooks bookshelf, where it will stay until you choose to delete it.

Useful tips
When downloaded, the iBook file will automatically open into a short video, then slide to a visual table of contents.

When you close the file and reopen it, the file will open to the page you were on when you closed it. The file holds your place. You can return to the opening video by touching the left of the two small dots at the bottom of the table of contents.

The iBook file will download to a computer, but it will only play in the iBooks app (on your iOS device or Mac running Mavericks or later).

Available for free download








Written by Andrea White with illustrations by Kellye Sanford, the iBook "Curiosity is the Key" highlights how John Mendelsohn found his passion and helped change the fight against cancer.

Choose the format for your device: 
Download the iBook for iOS and Mac.
Download the PDF 

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