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I have a great idea, now what?

To start the process with our office, you must submit an Invention Disclosure Report (IDR). The IDR includes the following types of information:

  • A description of the invention, including how it is an improvement over existing technology.
  • A list of the creators of the invention and their percent contribution.  This list will be used to determine the inventors’ names on the patent.  (Note: the percentage contribution will also be used to determine appropriate shares of license proceeds.)
  • Information relating to the first public disclosure of the invention.
  • All funding sources supporting the creation of the invention.
  • A description of your plans for further developing the technology.

It is particularly important to disclose funding sources and relationships with industry that are pertinent to the invention (particularly the existence of agreements such as materials transfer agreements, sponsored research agreements, clinical study agreements, etc.) as these may dictate how such invention may be patented and licensed.

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