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There is a potential licensee, what should I expect in the commercialization of my invention?

In most situations, the successful licensing and commercialization of your technology will require a significant amount of time and effort from you. First, if the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) files a patent, you will need to provide information and data, and review and comment on the patent filings and prosecution. Second, since many licensing contacts come from the inventors, any assistance you can provide in publishing, presenting and marketing the technology through your scientific contacts is incredibly helpful. Third, OTC actively includes the inventors in licensing negotiations. You will be asked to provide input on license terms, commercialization time lines and expectations. Finally, if the technology is licensed, the licensee typically wants ongoing input from the inventors either through sponsored research or consulting. A close interaction is needed since you are the expert on your invention. This also helps to successfully bring such technologies to patients. Submission of an IDR is hopefully just the first step on a long journey toward getting a new therapy or service to market.

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